Upcoming Shows

May 29 - 2017

Group Show at SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland


June 24th - 2017

Home - Site-specific show at 5 houses in Reykjavik. A collaboration with Oakland based Carissa Potter

In June 2017, artists Mie and Carissa are coming home. To your home. To ask about what spac- es, mental physical you use to make yourself feel better. To listen to you what you long for your home to be when no one is watching. Exchanging stories and digging into thirsts, from which we will create objects for you to keep, and perhaps give comfort in these uncertain times.

The during the rst week in June, Mie and Carissa will visit homes of the Icelandic community to talk about Icelandic ideas surrounding home. Each home visited will be asked to work through what they love and long for in their living environment. What makes them feel happy and warm and what they feel like their space is lacking in.

Throughout the month, Mie and Carissa will attempt to ll that need for people through making energy objects addressing the needs of each home. The objects will take the form of drawing, painting, video, sculpture, etc. speci cally tailored to the story of the space. At the end of the month, Mie and Carissa will deliver the gifts to the homes and document their existence within their intended environment. 

Time and place will be updated on this page soon.